The Airbus Foundation Discovery Space have secured a grant from the UK Space Agency to purchase 10 Lego Mindstorms and rock sample investigation kits.


The Lego Mindstorms will be integrated within our newly developed activity, “Mars Mission”, which has been designed to be applicable to a range of age groups.   The activity involves building and programming Lego Mindstorm “Rovers” to complete a series of tasks.


In November, we had our first opportunity to test the new equipment with year 5 students from Hartsfield School in Baldock, Hertfordshire.  The feedback from both students and teachers was extremely positive and prompted a strong interest in design and robotics.  


We’ve also introduced our equipment to students from Hitchin Boys’ School, as well as holding a CPD (continuous professional development) session where visitors tested the Mars Rover as part of a challenge activity.  Throughout January, our home educated groups will be using the Lego Mindstorms, participating in activities linked to the equipment, while also learning about maths.


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