Want to know what time it is on Mars?

NASA's Mars24 software can tell you what time it currently is on the planet Mars. The software provides you with a sunclock and three other display views including, orbits, anorama and analemma.

From the Mars24 Webpage:

“Mars24 is a Java program which displays a Mars sunclock, a graphical representation of the planet Mars showing its current sun- and nightsides, along with a numerical readout of the time in 24-hour format. Other displays include a plot showing the relative orbital positions of Mars and Earth and a diagram showing the solar angle for a given location on Mars.”

This is a great engagement program to use during lessons to show students a graphical representation of the planet Mars. You can see a view of Mars from any angle, following the successful landing of the NASA Insight spacecraft, users can select to view the landmark landing site and other highlighted site.

Download the software for free here.

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