Our collection of resources, targeted at Key Stage 2, support the education programme we offer here at Airbus Foundation Discovery Space.

On this page you’ll find simple, hands-on science experiments that are linked to the themes and curriculum areas that you can engage with when you visit us – so they’re the perfect activities to share with your pupils before or after your visit.

All of the activities can be carried out easily in the classroom, using basic household supplies and equipment.

STEM Learning have also put together a collection of resources to support your visit to us - you can find them here.

Magnetism and forces collection

Our first collection looks at practical investigations into the power of magnetism and forces. Try out as many or as few as you would like before or after visiting us.

Mission To The Moon

Learn about what it takes to complete a successful mission to the moon and back.

Science Of Flight

Learn about how objects fly and how aeroplanes navigate through the sky.

Snake Charming

An investigation into magnetic attraction.

Geometry with Magnets

An investigation into the effect of liquid on magnetic movement.

Magnetic Newton’s Wheel

An art meets science activity using magnets to create a spinning colour wheel.

Stomp rocket

An investigation into forces, especially the 2nd Law of Motion.

Magnetic Field Pictures

A creative activity designed to further explore magnetic fields. This also makes a fantastic wall display.

Magnetic Animals

A creative activity that uses a “magnetic wand” to move animals crafted from card around.

Electro Magnets

A practical activity to show how to make a magnet using electricity.


An investigation into frictional forces and methods of overcoming them, exploring air resistance, water resistance and friction.

Magnetic Dancer

An investigation into the science of magnetic attraction, including a maths activity to find the angles and lengths required to make a frame for your magnetic dancer.

Make a Compass

A simple introduction to north and south poles and understanding how the Earth is like a giant magnet.

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